Ab Trik leaving Sky Radio Group

Due to a difference of insight regarding company policy Ab Trik is leaving Sky Radio Group.

This has been decided after close consultation between Ab Trik and the shareholders of Sky Radio Group, i.e. TMG and V-Ventures, part of Association Veronica (Vereniging Veronica) today.

Ab Trik worked with Sky Radio Group for more than twenty years. Since 2005, he fulfilled the position of CEO and since last year May, he was also the Chairman of the Association of Commercial Radio Stations (Vereniging van Commerciële Radio) in the Netherlands.

Herman van Campenhout, CEO of TMG: “TMG is grateful to Ab Trik for the role he played in Sky Radio Group’s development. He leaves a radio company with several strong top brands, a radio company that must also make a major contribution to TMG’s transformation into a leading cross-media company.”

Ab Trik: “It is with pride, but also with some pain in my heart, that I leave a healthy enterprise with successful radio stations, an insanely great group of colleagues and solid plans for the future.”