A.J. van Puijenbroek steps down as a member of the Supervisory Board

Mr A.J. van Puijenbroek (1947) has decided to step down as a member and vice chairman of the Supervisory Board of TMG. Mr A.J. van Puijenbroek, whose term of office does not expire until 2015, will step down as soon as a successor has been appointed.

The Supervisory Board of TMG understands and respects Mr A.J. van Puijenbroek’s decision and is very appreciative of his long-term and committed involvement in the company as a member of the Board and in his capacity as chairman, and more recently as vice chairman of the Board.

The Supervisory Board of TMG plans to nominate Mr A.R. van Puijenbroek (1975) as a member of the Board during the General Meeting of Shareholders of 26 April under the suspensive condition that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and the Central Works Council do not make their own recommendation. Mr A.R. van Puijenbroek is nominated on the basis of his expertise in the financial and business domain and his knowledge of the publishing sector.