Appointment of interim COO at Telegraaf Media Groep

Mr. J.W.S. Eyssen has been appointed interim Chief Operational Officer (COO) at Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG). Mr.Eyssen will further shape the ‘operational excellence’ policy during the coming one to one and a half years. He wil be operating at the level of the Managing Board. In the past, Mr. Eyssen was working as an independent entrepreneur, in temporary management positions and as a member of Supervisory Boards.

Because of difficult market circumstances and the resulting pressure on operating profits, TMG wishes to, and has to, keep a sharp focus on a further reduction of the level of costsUnder the title “Tariff Card”, a project has been initiated some time ago to realise a detailed and transparent line-up of market conforming ICT, production and distribution costs. On the basis of this tariff card (internal) publishers can decide in detail which services they wish to avail themselves of. In doing so, they will get a stronger grip on the ultimate level of costs. Together with developments on the side of income, the profitability of the printed publications will be sharply monitored. Obviously, this can result in consequences for the deployment of persons and means. Mr. Eyssen will be specifically occupied with the execution and implementation of the project “Tariff Card”.

Making ICT, production and distribution tariffs transparent will also lead to extra attention to a further optimization of other operating processes, including those of the publishing companies; an optimization operation which can also lead to economies.

The further development of the ’operational excellence’ policy is ultimately carried out on behalf of a good profitability of TMG in the long term and also a lasting good perspective for all parties involved.