Changes to DistriQ Management

Because the market is demanding a more differentiated form of distribution, DistriQ is currently in the process of adapting its services and processes. Cost-saving is also an important aspect in this. These complex issues, and the fact that the quality of delivery is being placed under increasing pressure, are the reasons why Mr H. de Wit has been appointed as Managing Director of DistriQ as of 1 April 2007. The works council has also given a positive recommendation.

Mr De Wit was the Director of HDC Media B.V. in Alkmaar, a publisher of regional daily newspapers. He and Mr T. Klein together made up the management of HDC Media. The vacancy resulting from Mr De Wit's departure will not be filled.
Until 1 April 2007, the management of DistriQ B.V. consisted of Mr W.P. Delput and Mr J.J.M. van der Veen. 
Due to personal reasons, Mr Van der Veen (54) has announced that he wishes to leave DistriQ B.V. in the near future. While his efforts and commitment over the years at Telegraaf Media Groep will be missed, we also respect his decision.
As Director, Mr Delput (41) will be responsible for the autonomisation of DistriQ's transport activities. The intention is for Mr Delput to become Managing Director of the Transport Company as soon as it becomes operational.
DistriQ is a subsidiary of Telegraaf Media Groep, and is responsible for the transport and distribution of daily newspapers, free local papers, printed advertising material and other forms of print media.