Cooperation on daily newspaper distribution


Koninklijke Wegener NV (Wegener), Telegraaf Media Groep NV (TMG) and NDC Mediagroep BV (NDC) today signed a letter of intent regarding a distribution model to be implemented for cooperation on the distribution of daily newspapers to subscribers and single copy sales points. The collaboration seeks to lower the distribution costs of the daily newspapers in question while maintaining delivery quality.
The letter of intent declares that parties broadly agree to further develop collaboration between TMG and Wegener, on the one hand, and TMG and NDC, on the other, in accordance with a single model and in mutual coordination during the course of this year.
In accordance with the new model, TMG’s delivery activities in respect of De Telegraaf will be integrated with those of Wegener and NDC, respectively, in those areas where Wegener and NDC distribute their regional morning papers. Wegener and NDC, respectively, will also be responsible for transporting Sp!ts to the distribution points in those areas. The affected part of the current TMG distribution organisation, which consists of some 14 employees with a permanent contract, will be integrated into the Wegener and NDC organisations. From a jointly established supervisory organisation, TMG will continue to exercise influence on future developments and the potential growth of both distribution organisations. 
Delivery quality will be guaranteed by phasing in cooperation, with the intention of starting joint delivery in the first regions as of December 2010. Integration is expected to be completed around mid-2011. Customer contacts in relation to subscriptions, singly copy sales points and publishers will continue to be organised as they are now; the new distribution model will not affect this.
In the short term, the parties will request the advice of the respective participation councils on this proposed decision. Staff members, trade unions and the Social and Economic Council have been informed of the parties’ intention.
Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, 16 June 2010
Management Board NDC Mediagroep BV
Management Board Koninklijke Wegener NV
Management Board Telegraaf Media Groep NV