Dagblad De Telegraaf to distribute regional section

From mid-March 2003 on, B.V. Dagblad De Telegraaf, a subsidiary of
N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf, will be distributing a regional section along with daily newspaper De Telegraaf in the eastern part of the Netherlands in collaboration with Media Beheer I Vriezenveen B.V. A limited partnership, RKK C.V.(limited partnership), in which De Telegraaf holds a 25% stake, has been established for this purpose.

Operating under its own responsibility, RKK will produce an independent daily newspaper for distribution among the current readership of daily newspaper De Telegraaf in the Twente region.
Media Beheer I Vriezenveen will contribute its regional journalist and audiovisual product-gathering expertise and its experience in respect of the regional advertising market.