De Telegraaf combines content and commerce

De Telegraafis today launching its new website telegraafnet.nl. This website combines content and commerce. All of the company's products and services, both editorial and commercial, are given their own space on the site. An advertising campaign will shortly be conducted to bring telegraafnet.nl to the attention of the public at large.

Telegraaf.nl is already one of our country's most popular news sites. This Telegraaf-i is and remains a channel for journalism. The new Telegraaf-net contains both products and services from De Telegraafand other parties. This means that there is space for e-commerce in addition to the news service.

The new site will remain largely devoted to journalism, concentrating on 24-hour news in the categories general, finance, sport and new media. There are also weather forecasts and short news articles taken from De Telegraaf organisation's magazines. Under the 'Live' section the visitor is kept constantly up-to-date with topical events on the web. An uniqueaspect is the link between the search engine and an index of tens of thousands of Dutch websites. The site's content is updated every ten minutes.

De Telegraafhas for some time had its own online shopping centre, Internet auction, price comparison service and a vacancies site. These will be combined on the new site. Agreements have also been made with parties such as Consumerdesk, Independer and LetsBuyIt.com. These partners are represented on the new site in 'co-branded' form.

"telegraafnet.nl is the first of a number of second-generation websites that DeTelegraaf will be launching in the next few months", says Hans Elekan, responsible for the company's electronic media. "telegraafnet.nl represents the beginning of a new phase in our electronic media. Our aim is to continue building on the strong position that the company already enjoys on the Dutch consumer market."

De Telegraafhas already announced its intention to invest NLG 30 million this year to accelerate the development of Internet activities. Telegraafnet was developed entirely under the company's own management.