De Telegraaf strengthens position in Internet labour communications market through joint venture with Matchcare

B.V. Dagblad De Telegraaf, Amsterdam, and AMSE B.V. (Matchcare), Arnhem, announce they are setting up a new 50/50 joint venture to gain a major position in the Internet labour communications market.

Matchcare is the operating name of Advanced Matching Systems Europe B.V., an initiative of APM business partners N.V. This company has developed both the content and the technology necessary to make the entire labour market transparent.
Mr. J. Elekan, managing director of B.V. Dagblad De Telegraaf, explains: 'De Telegraaf’s presence on the Internet has so far been limited to the vacancies published in De Telegraaf, the Netherlands’ largest daily newspaper. The content and technology gained from the alliance with Matchcare is so distinctive that we believe we will be able to play a major role across the entire labour communications market with the aid of the Internet.'
Mr. Th.F. Wammes MBA, Matchcare’s CEO, is delighted with the alliance with De Telegraaf. It will give the new company a flying start. ‘By making the entire Dutch labour market transparent, we will achieve a breakthrough by offering a neutral, secure and open infrastructure. With state-of-the-art know-how and the application of ICT technology, we will be able to match the right demand for labour with the right supply. Our ambition is to become market leader in the Netherlands and then to set the international standard for the effective matching of large-scale supply and demand in the labour market,’ explains Wammes.
The names of the new joint venture and the website will be announced when the website is operational. The licensing procedure with the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has already been brought to a successful conclusion.