The Managing Board of N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf announces that agreement is expected to be reached with Nationaal Woninginstituut and European Estate Publishers (publisher of "De Officiële Huizenkrant" of Nationaal Woninginstituut) about combining property listings in De Telegraaf daily newspaper. With effect from 13 October next, De Officiële Huizenkrant, containing "NWI Woningcourant" and "NVM Huizenkrant", will be enclosed with "De Woonkrant" of De Telegraaf daily newspaper every Wednesday without additional charge. 

De Officiële Huizenkrant will be published in three regional editions: extended Western urban area, South-Eastern area and North-Eastern area of the Netherlands. Subsequently, in the near future, the combined property listings will also be shown on the Internet site of De Telegraaf, which will give another major impetus to the group's Internet activities.
De Telegraaf daily newspaper subscribers will thus receive updated property listings situated in their own region every week. For single-copy sales the location of the point of sale determines which edition of De Officiële Huizenkrant is enclosed. Here it should be noted that, except for a certain part of Belgium, the Officiële Huizenkrant will not be included in the foreign edition of De Telegraaf daily newspaper.
For professional estate agents in De Officiële Huizenkrant, free three-line property listings continue to apply; for the rest, a region-based advertisement rate applies. Advertisers of property and related objects thus still have a choice between advertising in De Woonkrant with its nation-wide reach, or in De Officiële Huizenkrant, which has a specific regional reach.
As a result of this collaboration, the average reach of De Officiële Huizenkrant increases from 120,000 to 2.4 million, thus making housing market information widely accessible to consumers. In addition, the number of single-copy points of sale more than doubles, from 6,700 to 14,000.