De Telegraaf takes a share in AM Media

N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf has taken a 20% share in AM Media, the new magazine-publishing company of Annemarie van Gaal.

In the past, Annemarie van Gaal has established a large independent publishing company in Russia, together with her business partner. After her return to the Netherlands, she has brought about a number of achievements with the Telegraaf Tijdschriften Groep (TTG), initially as managing director and subsequently as a member of the supervisory board.
At present, Annemarie van Gaal has returned to her old passion: independently publishing magazines. To prevent a possible conflict of interest, both parties have jointly decided to 
simultaneously terminate her appointment as a member of the supervisory board at TTG.
The goal of AM Media is to grow into a medium-sized publishing company within a number of years, producing seven or eight magazines specifically directed at women.