De Telegraaf to put complete newspaper on line

As from tomorrow, De Telegraaf will put the complete edition of the Netherlands’ leading newspaper on the Internet, De Telegraaf-i. Readers can now get a digital version on their computer screens which is an exact look-alike of the paper version. By surfing to telegraaf.nl and logging in, all pages, including the popular advertising pages, will be available. To realise this technically, a separate company has been established, PayperNews, in which N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf has a 67.5% stake through its operating company DataWire B.V.

De Telegraaf-i will appear in HTML format. According to circulation manager Ted Trimbach, the web edition will, for the time being, be available free of charge for subscribers to the paper version of De Telegraaf. ‘Non-subscribers wish to have the web edition will pay € 1 per weekday edition and € 1.15 for the Saturday edition. A yearly subscription is offered at the special rate of € 99. During the first week De Telegraaf-i can be accessed by everyone free of charge.
Trimbach: ‘The layout of De Telegraaf-i is exactly identical to the highly recognisable layout of the ‘regular’ daily newspaper De Telegraaf. In our view, there is clearly a market for the digital version. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is our readership abroad. Currently we ship no less than 44,000 newspaper to destinations far beyond our national borders. Unfortunately it is impossible to have the regular newspaper delivered in every country each morning. In contrast with the digital newspaper, readers receive a totally up-to-date newspaper on-screen. But there is intense interest in the Netherlands as well. It is very handy to be able to receive not only the paper version at home, but also the electronic twin version through the computer at any location whatsoever. In the medium term, De Telegraaf will add an array of interactive services to De Telegraaf-i  that are consistent with the publishing company’s activities.’
The telegraaf.nl website will remain accessible free of charge. Telegraaf.nl  distinguishes itself by bringing up-to-date news that develops throughout the day, while De Telegraaf-i offers the complete newspaper.