De Telegraaf’s editorial board to adopt innovative approach and to be downsized


TMG Landelijke Media B.V. intends to renew the organization structure of De Telegraaf daily newspaper’s editorial board to adapt it even further to the changed media behaviour of news consumers. It wants to achieve an improvement in quality over the short term at De Telegraaf and its affiliated main brands DFT, Vrouw, Privé, Telesport and Autovisie. In addition, it wants to accelerate its activities in the digital domain. The number of jobs will be reduced by 36.

The new editorial board’s organization will be structured such that the editorial board will be able to serve all existing and new distribution channels (including digital and print) 24/7. As announced earlier, the main brands (DFT, Vrouw, Privé, Telesport and Autovisie) will be given more room within the new structure to develop additional editorial propositions.

General Editor in Chief Paul Jansen: “De Telegraaf is going down the path of renewal. Unfortunately, this necessitates painful measures, not only motivated by cost reductions, but also by the need to improve quality. Our aim is to continue to be a leading news brand, in print as well as in the digital domain. The paper version of the newspaper will continue to be an important platform. The company will continue to invest in it, in terms of retaining circulation levels, as well as quality.”

The request for advice for the intended decision will be submitted to TMG Landelijke Media’s Works Council. Employees will be informed about the substance of the planned decision and the associated follow-up steps. Employees who will become redundant are covered by TMG’s Social Plan.