DFT.nl - De Financiële Telegraaf on the Internet

Tomorrow, De Telegraaf will launch the permanently up-to-date edition of the popular De Financiële Telegraaf supplement under the name of DFT.nl.

The world of trading and money has rapidly developed into a non-stop activity that is carried on round-the-clock across all the time zones. DFT.nl provides readers with the news and backgrounds that enable them to keep abreast of events in that dynamic world. De Telegraaf's financial Internet site also provides continual access to price quotations on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. With a 15 minute lag, these are at the DFT public's free disposal.
DFT.nl is the first Telegraafnet product in which content presentation from a data base is maximised. This enables DFT readers to navigate quickly and simply between interrelated news items, prices, archive articles and charts.
During the introduction period, DFT.nl offers its readers free access to a very rich source of information: the nearly ten year old archives of the popular De Financiële Telegraaf supplement. Besides the financial archives, DFT.nl provides historical price data (going back up to five years) in static and dynamic charts, enabling readers to make graphic comparisons between the various stocks themselves.
In addition to topical news items, DFT.nl will also present several financial gurus who will inspire and advise the readers. There is also a possibility to set up financial chats through the DFT chat site, which is open 24 hours a day.
Readers can enter their own securities portfolio into the DFT data base. The portfolio value will be dynamically updated. Of course, data will be protected with a reader-managed name and password combination.
'In step with the market and the new media, De Financiële Telegraaf has developed into a permanently available source of news and information about the economy, the market and money. DFT.nl is a logical development consistent with the approach of Telegraafnet', says Hans Elekan, Director of B.V. Dagblad De Telegraaf and responsible for electronic media. 'DFT.nl sets itself apart from other financial Internet sources by its totally independent news service. This is done under the responsibility of the chief editors of De Telegraaf', Elekan adds.
DFT.nl is a typical multichannel product. Where tomorrow the Internet site will be launched, very soon other channels will also be utilised for the communication of DFT information, such as WAP and teletext. 'Not we, but the reader decides how he or she wishes to receive our financial information', says Hans Elekan.
With this first version of DFT.nl, De Telegraaf feels it is meeting current market demand. 'But that doesn't mean that we've run out of plans', says Elekan. ' In other words, the users of our information can regularly expect further innovations and expansions in the months ahead.'