Free newspaper for commuters

Before the end of this year, N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf will launch a free newspaper for commuters travelling by public transport.

The newspaper will appear from Monday to Friday and will be financed from advertising revenues. Most commuters using public transport are workers and students, who make up an interesting target group for advertisers.
The editorial formula tailored to this particular readership will consist of concise reports of news items and service columns. 
Publisher is Mr F. Volmer and editor-in-chief will be Mr W. Hoogland. Both are currently working for daily newspaper De Telegraaf.
Agreements have been concluded with Friese Pers (Leeuwarden) about the technical production of the newspaper, which will total about 32 pages. Depending on distribution channels, circulation will amount to approximately 300,000.
The initial losses of this publication will be charged direct to the result.