Hollandse Huis-aan-huisbladen Combinatie merges four publishing companies

At present, the Hollandse Huis-aan-huisbladen Combinatie (HHC) comprises four publishing companies of free door-to-door papers. These will be combined into one single publishing company next year.

This will lead to the centralization and reorganization of various departments. At the moment, 575 persons are employed by the HHC, it is expected that employment will decrease by about 60 jobs as a result of the merger; compulsory redundancies are not being ruled out. 
The reorganization is prompted by the necessity for further growth and an increase in efficiency, combined with a greater flexibility and decisiveness. A further centralization of departments which are at present still part of the separate publishing companies, also enables a sweeping digitisation of the work process. As a result of this, the loss of jobs will mainly occur in the pre-press departments and in the financial, administrative and secretarial departments.  
Next year, the present four publishing companies will be legally disbanded and merged into the HHC, which will continue as a single publishing company. The spearhead of the new structure will be serving  the local readers’ and advertising markets even better.    
The management of the HHC has informed the employees about the decision, the group works council has meanwhile given its approval. 
Amsterdam, 17 June 2004