Keesing acquires interest in Eye to Eye Puzzles







Keesing Media Group and Eye to Eye Media have been working together in the colouring book segment since last year. This joint initiative proved to be very successful and both parties would like to continue their partnership and to formalise it at the shareholder level. This provides Eye to Eye Media with access to the knowledge, experience and systems, including production systems, of the Keesing Media Group. The Keesing Media Group in return is acquiring an interest in Eye to Eye Puzzles, which comprises the puzzle activities of Eye to Eye Media. Keesing is acquiring a 39.3% interest with the possibility of acquiring full ownership in the future. With the partnership both parties reinforce their position in the puzzle and colouring magazine category in the United Kingdom.

About Keesing
Keesing Media Group is the largest publisher of puzzle magazines in Europe. With a circulation of more than 100 million puzzle magazines annually, Keesing is conquering the hearts of millions of puzzle enthusiasts in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland. Keesing Media Group is part of the Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG).