Keesing Media Group completes takeover of puzzle magazines

Keesing Media Group (Keesing), part of TMG, has acquired the French MegaStar Groupe (MegaStar). MegaStar is a publisher of puzzle magazines with a strong position on the French market and is a direct Keesing competitor. The acquisition makes Keesing a market leader in France as well.

The MegaStar acquisition is in line with Keesing’s strategy, which is in part focused on the realisation of economies of scale through national and international growth based on existing core activities. The acquisition adds approximately €24 million to Keesing’s existing revenues in France. The results of MegaStar will be consolidated by TMG effective 1 January 2012. MegaStar is based in Poitiers and has a total of 130 employees.

Peter Tordoir, CEO of Keesing Media Group: ‘MegaStar and Keesing several times entered into discussion in the past and this has now resulted in the acquisition of MegaStar. We are delighted about this not only because it fits into our growth strategy, but also because we are clearly further improving our market position on the French puzzle market and because it provides us with opportunities for achieving synergy with our already existing publications in France. Furthermore, MegaStar has solid starting positions in the Spanish and German linguistic areas, which Keesing would like to further expand.’