Nobiles Media acquired by Telegraaf Media Nederland

Telegraaf Media is expanding its market leadership position among highly educated graduates and young professionals by acquiring Nobiles Media BV and by acquiring a 100% interest in both of its joint ventures Info Pinnacle BV and Smart Events BV.

Telegraaf Media Nederland will acquire 100% of the shares in Nobile Media BV effective 16 February. In addition, the 50% interest in Smart Events BV and Info Pinnacle BV will be expanded to 100% on 16 February as well. These three acquisitions allow Telegraaf Media Nederland to solidify its position in the work communications market for first-time workers and young professionals. Nobiles Media, Smart Events and Info Pinnacle jointly employ 56 FTEs. The acquisitions do not have a direct impact on employees. The purchase amounts will not be published.
The acquisition of Nobiles Media and the full acquisition of the above-mentioned joint ventures represent an important step for Telegraaf Media Nederland in the further expansion of its focus on Careers. For the same purpose last year the weekly Carp was acquired.
From an organisational perspective, Nobile’s activities will be incorporated into BasisMedia BV (publisher of Sp!ts and Carp, among others), along with the previously incorporated Info Pinnacle and Smart Events. According to Marc Roos, BasisMedia’s Director, Nobiles Media fits well into Telegraaf Media Nederland's strategy. ‘Career is one of the key areas of focus for the organisation and we therefore intend to provide a complete multimedia platform to our readers and advertisers. With its complete multi-media portfolio, Nobiles creates a strong market position in the work communications market for first-time workers. Furthermore, it is in a position to ensure a solid inflow of graduates to Carp.’ Telegraaf Media Nederland is also able to solidify its share in the market for Employer Branding in the labour market via Nobiles Media’s guides. BasisMedia is already active in this market via its joint venture with Info Pinnacle BV (known from Yourfuture.tv, amongst others). Roos continues: ‘Aside from print and online, Nobiles also strengthens our position in the area of career fairs, an area in which BasisMedia via its current joint venture Smart Events (known from the Sp!ts Career Event) has been active for several years.’ 
The acquisition provides Nobiles, Smart Events and Info Pinnacle with a strong synergetic shareholder with an excellent position among first-time workers and young professionals.