Sp!ts acquires Carp

BasisMedia B.V. (publisher of free daily Sp!ts) and Aromedia (publisher of Carp and Sum) have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Carp by BasisMedia as per July 1st 2007.  Through this acquisition, Carp gains a shareholder with a solid position among starters and young professionals. For BasisMedia B.V., the acquisition signifies a key step in the continuing development of its ‘Career’ pillar.

In addition to a magazine with a biweekly controlled circulation of 135,000 for well-educated professionals up to the age of 37, the Carp brand consists of a website, newsletter, events and personal e-mail service. Using these channels, Carp informs its target audience about matters regarding labour market communication, career planning and personal development. 
Carp’s staff (almost 14 FTE) will be employed by BasisMedia B.V. 
Marc Roos, Managing Director of BasisMedia B.V., indicates that Carp fits well into the BasisMedia strategy: “One of Sp!ts’ content pillars is ‘Career’. We already offer readers and advertisers a multimedia platform in this regard. In addition to a rapidly growing section of job advertisements in the newspaper, we undertake a wide range of activities focusing on educational/vocational choices and career. We reach our audience using the newspaper, Internet and mobile services, as well as through our participation in Smart Events (Sp!ts CareerEvent and Sp!ts Masterbeurs) and InfoPinnacle (scholieren.tv and yourfuture.tv). The acquisition of Carp reinforces this position in both print and online services and events.”
“We are proud that Carp has managed to maintain its position within the Dutch media market and even has been able to realise an increase in reach. For Carp, the acquisition means that implementation of plans, initiated after the recent restyling, can be stepped up,” says Rikstus Oosterhuis, Managing Director of Aromedia: “Both Carp and Sp!ts will benefit from the acquisition. Carp will strengthen the position of Sp!ts in the career segment, while at the same time Aromedia, with its other titles such as Sum and Student Select, will be able to focus completely on the growing market of starters on Higher Vocational Education and academic level.
Despite enjoying an excellent reach in recent years, it had become difficult for Carp to gain a solid footing among advertisers and advertising agencies on its own. Sp!ts is the undisputed leader in reaching students, starters and young professionals. Carps only bolsters Sp!ts’ position in this segment.