Telegraaf Media Groep engages in narrowcasting

As of November 2005, Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) will acquire a 40% interest in Media Librium, a developer of digital media. Media Librium has specialized in the development and exploitation of content on digital screens and in linking these screens to back-office systems (such as in-company networks and stock systems).  In doing so, it uses the latest methodologies, including narrowcasting (reaching specific target groups with tailor-made information via digital screens). 

Since September 2004, M-Media, a subsidiary of Media Librium, operates a narrowcasting network for the McDonald’s branches in the Netherlands, consisting of, among other things, the television channel Channel-M and digital bus shelters.  Via the screens, customers of McDonald’s are informed about all sorts of matters, in addition to which (external) advertisers also have the possibility of broadcasting commercials. The screens are operated individually, in order to adapt the content to the location, time of day and the weather, for instance. In addition and in accordance with a comparable concept, M-Media exploits digital screens in some shopping centres. 
“Through this investment, TMG is given access to a new type of media with an advertising market which is growing strongly. In addition, Media Librium offers TMG a platform to distribute its content to existing and new target groups, and to promote its brands”, according to Ad Swartjes, chairman of the Managing Board of TMG. Tijmen Bos, CEO of Media Librium: “With TMG as shareholder, Media Librium can both reinforce its existing services and develop new ones in the Netherlands and abroad”. 
Media Librium, located in Amsterdam Zuidoost, was founded in January 2004 and has 22 employees.