TMG acquires majority stake in Zoomin.TV Netherlands

Acquisition constitutes important link in rollout corporate strategy

TMG has acquired a 70% stake in online video producer and sales office Zoom.in Nederland BV. This joining of forces establishes the largest online video network in the Netherlands. TMG thus enriches its offering to consumers and advertisers and gives substance to the strategy to strengthen its position in the rapidly growing online market. The acquisition is a next step in the rollout of the corporate strategy presented in 2011. TMG consolidates the results of Zoomin.TV with effect from 1 November 2012. The acquisition immediately contributes to the result. The purchase price is not disclosed.

The combination provides Zoomin.TV access to the broad reach of the TMG network and also opportunities for cooperation with the editorial organization of TMG. Moreover both parties join hands in the advertising exploitation of the videos.

By joining forces the biggest Dutch provider of professionally produced video content is created. TMG and Zoomin.TV together reach monthly 4.3 million Dutch people who watch about 135 million times a video. Zoomin.TV in the Netherlands now already supplies video content to a network of 142 sites. TMG adds strong brands such as Telegraaf.nl, Autovisie.nl, Dumpert.nl, Geenstijl.nl, Skyradio.nl and Hyves. The combination unlocks the joint consumer audience reach for advertisers and media agencies.

Herman van Campenhout, CEO of TMG: "This is after Megastar (puzzles), Metro and GroupDeal.nl another strategic acquisition of TMG. It is a reinforcement of one of our core activities, namely our online business. The implementation of our corporate strategy presented in 2011 is further accelerated with the acquisition of Zoomin.TV".

Frank Volmer, Managing Director of TMG News: "Zoomin.TV and TMG have already achieved several years of successful cooperation. This summer Telesport and Zoomin.TV together made videos from Kharkov and London to broadcast the European Championship Soccer and the Olympic Games. The participation is a logical next step that allows us among others to add high-quality videos to our brands."