TMG appoints new management boards


Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) will be making changes to several of its management boards, effective 1 November 2014. Harry de Wit will be appointed Managing Director of TMG Landelijke Media (TMG National Media). Gert Jan Oelderik and Ferdy Demmers will assume responsibility for Holland Media Combinatie (HMC). Erik de Zwart will be appointed Station Director at Radio Veronica for Sky Radio Group.The relevant Works Councils gave their consent to these appointments earlier this week.

Teamwork is key
Geert-Jan van der Snoek, CEO of TMG: ‘TMG must vigorously anticipate the opportunities in the rapidly changing media landscape and at the same time improve the performance. These new appointments significantly strengthen our management boards. An important challenge is to achieve growth. In addition, business operations must be put in order and greater synergy must be achieved through close cooperation among people and business units. All newly appointed persons have a great deal of experience in the media world and within our company.’

Harry de Wit, Managing Director TMG Landelijke Media
Effective 1 November, Harry de Wit (1960) will become Managing Director with final responsibility for TMG Landelijke Media. Prior to this he occupied various management board positions at TMG during 2002 to 2012. In his last position as board member he was responsible for the regional dailies, the free local papers (distributed door-to-door) and As a partner with an Interim Director placement firm, he took on various management positions within the media sector over the past few years.Harry de Wit succeeds Frank Volmer who will step down on 1 November. Volmer has occupied various management board positions within TMG since 1999. He had been the Publishing Director of national media since January 2013. Volmer’s departure came about in agreement with the Executive Board. The Executive Board is very grateful for Volmer’s efforts over the years. The Director Commerce at TMG Landelijke Media will also step down on 1 November.

Gert Jan Oelderik and Ferdy Demmers, Management Board, Holland Media Combinatie
The Management Board of Holland Media Combinatie will be expanded to 2 persons. Due to the complexity of the market, the Executive Board has decided to strengthen the Management Board. Gert Jan Oelderik (1965) and Ferdy Demmers (1971) will assume joint responsibility for Holland Media Combinatie. Prior to 1 November, Oelderik and Demmers occupied senior management positions at TMG. Gert Jan Oelderik was Managing Director at Keesing Media Group. Ferdy Demmers was Managing Director of TMG’s Facilitair Bedrijf (Facilitating Services), including the printing plants and TMG Distributie. Prior to his arrival at TMG in 2013, Oelderik was General Manager of NRC Media and the NDC Media Group, among others. Prior to this he occupied senior management positions at Apple and IDG. Ferdy Demmers has occupied senior management positions at TMG since 2005. Among others, he was Head Oplagebedrijf (Circulation Operations) at HDC Media.The two new management board members succeed Tim Klein who has headed up Holland Media Combinatie since 2001. Tim Klein is leaving the company by agreement, effective 1 November. The Executive Board is very grateful to Klein for his efforts over the years.

Erik de Zwart, Station Director Radio Veronica

Erik de Zwart (1957) has been appointed Station Director of Radio Veronica at Sky Radio Group. Erik de Zwart started his career with Veronica in 1980. Veronica was still a public service broadcaster at the time. Since 2007 De Zwart has once again been associated with Radio Veronica as the ‘station’s voice’ and as DJ of the Top 40 Hits Programme. De Zwart succeeds Niels Hoogland, who will be leaving the company on 1 November.Geert-Jan van der Snoek has been acting as the General Manager of Sky Radio Group since 1 October.