TMG full owner of Dichtbij.nl

TMG will become full owner of Dichtbij.nl with the takeover of the remaining 30% of the shares of Webregio B.V. at end of November 2012.

In order to further strengthen TMG’s position on the local internet market, work was started last year on the development of a local online news platform under the name Dichtbij.nl (Close by). The site offers residents and businesses local news and facilitates user interaction by enabling visitors to comment on articles and by including reports on local news from contributors in cooperation with the editorial staff.

Dichtbij originated as a merger of the internet activities of the free local papers (distributed door-to-door) of TMG and WebRegio. TMG already held 70% of the shares of WebRegio. The other shares were held by Jelle Hoffenaar and Bart Jonk. Both former shareholders will remain on in an advisory capacity at Dichtbij.nl until the end of the year. Daily management will be the responsibility of Silvio de Groot from 1 October.