TMG increases its share in Media Librium

TMG (Telegraaf Media Group) has expanded its existing interest in Media Librium from 40% to 80% by acquiring the shares of non-strategic parties. 

Media Librium is the market leader in narrowcasting in the Netherlands. The remaining shares belong to Media Librium management (Tijmen Bos and Dennis Kuperus). This transaction is in keeping with TMG's digital strategy and the ambitious objectives that were recently announced. 
In 2005, TMG acquired a share in Media Librium, which was one of the first companies to specialise in the development of digital TV networks in public places in the Netherlands. Although still in its infancy, the market is characterised by rapid expansion. Media Librium started off as a developer and exploiter of content for the digital screens at McDonald's restaurants in the Netherlands. Over the last two years, distribution expanded considerably to include filling stations, public transport companies, metro stations, hair salons and media agencies. Currently, pilots are also being conducted at airlines, universities and polytechnics, hotel and catering establishments and football stadiums. As a rule, content is developed in cooperation with other TMG subsidiaries. Meanwhile, the LibriumTV product is broadcast to thousands of television screens every day, thus reaching millions of Dutch consumers on a monthly basis.
In the coming period, maintaining and further expanding its leading position in the market will be the focus of Media Librium's activities, as well as higher turnover and results. 
Media Librium is located in Amsterdam and employs a staff of 35.