Veronica new shareholder of SBS Broadcasting BV

With the signing of the relevant contracts, a merger between the Veronica Uitgeverij, Veronica Litho, Veronica Digitaal en SBS Broadcasting B.V. has formally become a fact. 

The Vereniging Veronica thus becomes a 10% co-owner of SBS Broadcasting B.V., which includes, among others, the television broadcasting companies SBS6, NET5 and V8 (to be renamed VERONICA from September 20th). On the other hand, Veronica Magazine (circulation: approximately 1.1 million copies a week) will become part of SBS Broadcasting.
Besides Veronica, SBS S.A. and N.V. Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf are also shareholders in SBS Broadcasting B.V. to the extent of 63% and 27% respectively.
Commenting on this development, Ad Swartjes, director of NV Holdingmaatschappij De Telegraaf, stated: “This merger expands SBS Broadcasting into a magnificent multi-media company. It includes the largest weekly magazine – measured in circulation – among its assets. It also includes V8, which will undergo a good acceleration by being renamed Veronica. And it has fine possibilities for achieving synergy between television, the magazine and radio, thus creating an even better future for SBS”.