Change of management and supervision of TMG

C. van Steijn temporarily takes over responsibilities from CEO


Today the Supervisory Board announces that Mr H.M.P van Campenhout has stepped down as CEO of TMG (Telegraaf Media Groep) with immediate effect and will leave the company with the agreement of both parties. The underlying reason for this decision is a difference of opinion about the future strategy of the company.
TMG thanks Mr Van Campenhout for his contributions and great commitment to the company in the past few years.
Mr C.J.J. van Steijn, as acting CEO, will take over the responsibilities from Mr Van Campenhout with immediate effect until a new CEO has been appointed. Mr Van Steijn is an associate with BoerCroon Management B.V. and has been an independent interim manager since 1999.
The Supervisory Board of TMG also appointed its chairman, Mr M.A.M. Boersma, Supervisory, as delegated supervisory director until the moment a successor will have been appointed. As such Mr Boersma will in particular be charged with the supervision of TMG's Management Board.
The Supervisory Board has the fullest confidence that this change of the management of the company safeguards the continuity and stability that is required.
M.A.M. Boersma,
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of TMG